Phoenix Bail Bonds FAQ

The Phoenix Bail Bonds Basics

Here is some basic information about bail and bail bonds to help you understand how the bail bonds process works and how a bail bond is used. Phoenix Bail Bonds

Bail Bond Phoenix

What is a bail?

Bail is a promise to the court in which money is exchanged for a person to be released from jail. The amount of money is defined by the judge, and these funds are released back to the responsible party once all court proceedings are finished. ­­­­The court keeps the money if the person does not show up for their day in court and a warrant is ordered for their arrest.

 What is a bail bond?

A bail bond is a promise to the court to pay the full amount of bail if the party in question does not show up for their court date. A percentage of the total bail is paid to a bail bond company, and then a bail bond is issued to the court. If the person I question does not show up for their court date, the bail bond company is responsible for the full amount of bail. Many bail bond companies will accept assets as collateral if you do not have enough liquid funds.

How do I get a bail bond?

All you have to do is give us a call, and we will locate the person you want to post bail for and verify their bail amount. Then we do some quick paperwork, and we are on our way to getting that person released. If you cannot come in person, we can assist you over the phone. You will have to have access to email to sign documents electronically.

Can you get a bail bond for anything?

We provide bail bonds for misdemeanors and felonies in cases where the judge has made posting bail an option to you. In some cases, a judge will not make bail available. In these cases, you are not eligible for a bail bond.

What is the difference between the bail amount and the bail premium?

The bail amount is the full dollar amount set by the judge; the bail premium is the percentage you pay a bail bond company for your bail bond.

How does A bail Bonds Work

What Are The Different Types of Bail Bonds?

There are many reasons a person needs a bail bond. We have listed the most common reasons here. This information should help answer your case specific questions. If your question is not answered here, please reach out to us at any time, day or night! We are always opened and happy to assist you!

Assault and Battery Bail Bonds

Assult Bail Bonds Phoenix24 Hour Bail Bonds issue bail bonds for individuals placed under arrest for Assault and Battery Charges. We provide Bail Bonds for misdemeanor and felony charges. After you are detained in Phoenix, Az a hearing will take place to determine your bail amount. If this dollar amount cannot be paid by the defendant, they will remain in custody until their case goes to trial. This usually means the defendant will spend months in jail awaiting trial. Obtaining an Assualt and Battery Bail Bond at a fraction of the cost is the only option for many people in this situation. That is why 24 Hour Bail Bonds is always available to provide Assult and Battery Bail Bonds at a moments notice!

DUI Bail Bonds

DUI Bail Bond Phoenix, AZArizona is a zero tolerance state when it comes to driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. After being arrested for a DUI in Phoenix, you will sit in front of the judge, and they will determine your bail amount. Once bail is determined you can pay the entire amount to be released or obtain a DUI Bail Bond for a small percentage of the total bail amount. A DUI Bail Bond is looked at just like the full amount of bail has been paid, and you will be released from jail.

Drug Possesion Bail Bonds Phoenix, AZDrug Possession Bail Bonds
With drug laws at odds with each other these days there are more and more gray areas. Even if you believe you are following the law you could end up being arrested. Once you are processed, and a judge sets your bail, it is important to get out of jail so you can get ready for trial. Bail amounts could be high depending on the specifics of your case. That is why we are happy to provide Drug Possession Bail Bonds for people arrested in Phoenix, AZ.


Embezzlement Bail Bonds

Embezzlement Bail Bond Phoenix, AZEmbezzlement is a serious charge, and you need to operate freely to work with your attorney and prepare for trial. The bail amount set by the judge after you are arrested for Embezzlement in Phoenix, AZ could be a large amount! A bail bond will secure your release at a fraction of the cost and enable you to have the mobility you need to figure everything out. If your court date is missed, the full amount of bail will be due. It is important to show up for your trial if you are paying for the bail amount out of pocket or obtaining an Embezzlement Bail Bond in Phoenix, AZ.


Larceny and Theft Bail Bonds

Larceny and Theft Bail Bonds Phoenix,AZIf you are placed under arrest for shoplifting, bouncing checks, or even buying stolen goods you are being charged with Larceny or Theft. Once arrested you will sit before a judge, and your bail amount will be determined based on the severity of the charges you are facing. This amount can vary greatly depending on the crime and the judge. Posting up a large a sum of cash for bail is not an option for many. That is why 24 Hour Bail Bonds provide Larceny and Theft Bail Bonds whenever they are needed!


Solicitation of Prostitution Bail Bonds

Solicitation of Prositution Bail Bonds Phoenix, AZYou can be arrested for prostitution by offering goods or services for sexual favors or offering sexual favors for compensation. When an individual is detained in Phoenix, AZ for Solicitation of Prostitution they will be booked, processed and finally sit before a judge. The judge will determine your bail amount and a court date.  If you are unable yo afford the bail amount set by the judge, you may obtain a bail bond. 24 Hour Bail Bonds provides Bail Bonds for all prostitution charges.


How does the arrest and bail process work?

How do i bail someone out?

If someone you know has been arrested it can be a scary experience. It is important to know what to do and what to expect in times like these. That is why we have broken down the process of bailing someone out of jail from the arrest to the release.

What happens when you are arrested?

We all know that when someone gets arrested they are cuffed and put in the back of a squad car, but what happens after that? Once arrested the officer takes the person to jail where the booking process begins. The arrested individual takes a mug shot, turns in their personal belongings, and gets printed. After this process is complete is usually when they are given time to use the phone.   You are then booked in a holding cell until you can see the judge. The first appearance in front of the judge is called arraignment. The judge will ask you if you have an attorney and set your bail. In a criminal matter, the jailed person should consult with an attorney. If you can not afford a private attorney a public defender will be assigned to you.