A Bounty Hunter Story

Tales of A Bounty Hunter

I was young when I got started as a bounty hunter. I had actually just turned 26 and just recently been honorably released from the Navy. I was working as an Emergency Medical Technician for an ambulance service in Maricopa County, and I required side work to get by. A friend of mine was a local bail bondsman and said he could put my military skills to use and the money is pretty good.

After doing a little research study I discovered that the majority of states require bail recovery representatives to be a licensed bondsman. Two of the states that didn’t have such constraints were Oklahoma and Arizona. I lucked out there!

Bail recovery is a very difficult service to get into. Bail bondsmen normally deal with tight-knit groups of people, and proving that you are up to the task and not simply another wanna-be leather-vested, bleached hair, bounty hunter is quite tough.

My very first case

My very first bounty pertained to me out of the blue, from a bail bondsman that I had actually never ever worked with before, by the name of Brownie Borwnstien out of California. The name sounded phony, like something out of a bad western movie. At first, I believed somebody was playing a trick on me. But when the fax with the bench warrant came through, I knew the task was genuine.

The wanted parties name was Billy. Billy was desired in California for a domestic attack charge and was apparently hiding in Arizona with his mother. Earlier in the week, Brownie had been in Tucson to detain Billy. When ol’ Bill saw him approaching, he ran, and both of them got hurt in the struggle but bill managed to get away.

Brownie was fed up and desired someone else to handle Billy, so he called me. I tried to play it cool and pretend that I was an experienced professional when in truth I could hardly talk I was so excited to get a job. I understood right away that if I desired the job there were a couple of obstacles I ‘d need to overcome. I told Brownie to give me a few days to check the scenario out, after which I ‘d offer him a ring.

The setup

Though it was my first task as a bail bondsman, I understood I had skills that would help me. My years of working as an Emergency Medical Technician had actually taught me how to handle individuals in a way that significantly reduced the possibilities of a situation turning violent. I have discovered, after years on the job, that I can frequently get individuals to accept the majority of demands simply by speaking with them. If I wanted to, I’m sure I could be a great salesperson.

I made a couple of failed attempts to contact Billy by phone. Each time I either got voicemail or his mom, who would consistently tell me that Billy wasn’t there. Throughout my calls, I might have actually heard Billy talking in the background. It finally hit me. I already had an in and hadn’t realized it. Billy’s mom was a senior female and it was obvious that they had a really strong relationship.

So the next time I called, I didn’t request Billy but talked to her. She informed me how the domestic attack charges were actually the actions of an envious ex who was disturbed with Billy for breaking up with her. She broke down and started sobbing when the discussion moved to Billy’s encounter with Brownie. She stated that he came home cut up and bleeding and informed her that someone had chased him through back lawns and backstreets. She understood that I was coming to jail her boy, and could not bear the concept of seeing somebody putting her kid in handcuffs.

After a little more persuasion, I finally got her to convince Billy to speak to me. She informed me he was out at the moment, however, I should call again in a few hours when he was back and she would ensure that he spoke with me.

The Call

I made the telephone call, uncertain if Billy was really going to exist, or if he was going to burn me and vanish while he still could. A kind “hey there” from a male voice on the other end of the line, greeted me. A wave of adrenaline flashed through my body.

” Billy?” I said, aiming to remain professional.

” Speaking.”.

” My name is Bo Jangles. I am a bail Recovery representative and I require to speak to you about the warrant for your arrest in California.”

He loved his mom enough to honor the agreement I made with her, so I decided not to insult him by beating around the bush. As we spoke, I could tell that Billy was a rather good individual who really did desire to set things straight. After talking to him a little bit longer, I got him to accept turn himself in and set up a time we could meet.

The next day, I was contacted by a person called Dave who was interested in entering bail recovery. He told me he was willing to volunteer his time, so I asked him to watch Billy and ensure he didn’t aim to run.

The “Bust”

The day of Billy’s bus trip came and I called to ensure that he was going to be on time. The phone sounded and called and rang to voicemail. Panicked ideas raced through my head. Had he burned me? Did he skip out in the middle of the night? I called Dave who said that he had actually been sitting outside their home all night and hadn’t seen anything. I called again. The “ring-ring” through the receiver appeared to last permanently.

Suddenly Billy answered. He was simply preparing to go out the door to go to the bus station. He thanked me for letting him have a day to bid farewell to his household and we hung up.

Billy got on the bus like we agreed. I had forwarded his travel schedule on to Brownie, who decided to arrive at the bus 2 stops early to detain him. And my very first case was successfully closed.

A Lesson From The Case

Since that first case, I have captured 113 fugitives, and the lessons discovered with Billy have been with me since. In my time as a bail recovery representative, I seldom need to go after a fugitive. I find that talking will generally deal with the situation. I’ve talked to Billy several times since his case and he is doing extremely well. I recognized that when dealing with him, I inadvertently provided him a way to change his life. Instead of forcing him to do something. I used him the opportunity to decide to do the right thing.

I now know that while some use strength and testosterone-fueled efforts, in order to impose authority that they don’t have, calmer heads normally dominate.