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We will examine your case and help you secure a bond as fast as possible. That is why we are opened to serve you 24/7. If you need to rescue someone from jail at any hour we are there to answer the call and help you get the bond you need to get them on the outside. You are in the right place and we are wastin valuabe time! Lets get to work and nd bail you out right now!

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When you get that call in the middle of the night and find out a friend or family member is in jail, your first thought is likely full of panic. They are asking you to help bail them out and calling a bail bondsman can seem intimidating when you are unsure how the process works. Be assured that we are here to help you in this time of need and will do everything possible to make this a painless experience for you. We make it quick and simple so you can show up and be the hero, releasing your friend or family member from jail.

What Is Bail and How does a bail bond Phoenix Bail Bondscompany work?

Bail is a process of our legal system, which allows a person to be released from jail after paying a sum of
money to the court. The money is held by the court until all of the court proceedings, regarding the arrest charges, are completed. Bail is viewed as a promise to the court that the arrested person will show up for all court date appearances. The courts will keep all of the money if the arrested person does not show up for a court appearance, and order a warrant for arrest.

What is the purpose of a bail bond?

In most cases, it is easier for an arrested person to pay bail to the courts through a bail bonds agency. Rather than paying the full amount of the bail, a bail bonds agency will charge an arrested person a percentage of the bail. In the state of Arizona, the bail bonds agency will charge 15% of the entire bail amount. For example, if bail is set at $1,000.00 the costs to bail out of jail is $150.00. The bail bonds agency will deliver a bail bond to the courts, rather than cash. The bail bond is given to the courts for a jail release and the courts treat the bail bond as though the full cash amount of the bail was paid including the promise to appear in court.


How do you start the bail bond process?

phoenix bail bondsSimply contact our agency and provide us with the name of the arrested person. One of our licensed team members will locate the detention facility where the arrested person has been taken to, contact the facility to verify the bail amount, and then complete the necessary paperwork to ensure the jail release.

The bail bond process may be completed over the phone by supplying one of our team members with necessary information regarding the arrested person and additionally there are a few documents that will require your signature. These documents may be presented to you via email, delivered to you by one of our team members, or you may come into our office to receive them. The documents include, a client information form, payment arrangement form (if necessary), authorization to process payment, and an information form regarding future court dates and client responsibilities.

When you get a bail bond you are guaranteeing perfect attendance for all court matters. Guilty, not guilty doesn’t matter, you’re just saying the person bailed, the “defendant”, will go to all their court dates.

You have two options; the first is cash bail, you can pay the total bail amount to the court, and when the person you bailed (the defendant) is finished with all their obligations to the court, you will get that money back, less fees, in about 90 days. The advantages to cash bail are that the only money you’re out is the fees the court charges, the disadvantages are that while the court holds the money for, depending on the charge, a lengthy period of time, it gains no interest, and if you borrowed the money, like say put it on a credit card, the fees or interest keep accumulating, and obviously, if the person you bailed misses a court date, the money you put up may be forfeit.

The Bail Bonds Proces From Arrest To Bailed Out

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Part one, You are arrested. Dont panic you will get through this.

First, the arresting officer takes the person to jail where he or she is ‘booked’ for their particular offense. Phoenix Bail BondsIn a criminal matter, the defendant should consult with an attorney. Many attorneys offer a free consultation. The public defender is appointed to those who cannot afford a private attorney. At the first court appearance called the arraignment, the defendant is asked if he/she can afford an attorney. If the answer is no, the court appoints a public defender. Common Sense Rules: If you’ve bailed someone out of jail and know they are going to JUMP- please call us immediately, so that your financial responsibilities are lessened or removed. If you or the defendant has moved, please keep your bail company updated. One of the benefits of posting bail is the ability to be free and to conduct one’s affairs as usual. Unless instructed by the court, the defendant is free as long as he/she appears before the court, as directed.

What happens next to the defendant after he/she is booked? When can they be bailed out of jail?

These are the most common things that happen once a person is booked.

  1.    Sometimes a defendant is released and no charges are filed.
  2.    The defendant is released on his/her own recognizance (O.R), however, the person must make all court appearance or there will be a warrant issued and the process begins again.
  3. The defendant is released on bail bond.No bail is set and the defendant must remain in jail until he/she goes to court.
  4. No bail is set and the defendant must remain in jail until he/she goes to court.

What does a bail agent do?

The bail agent is the person who posts your negotiated bond with the jail and obtains the release of the defendant. The bail agent cannot post a bond until all the requirements, listed in the first question, have been met. The jail will not release anybody without the bail amount defined, the court and date set, and confirmation that there are no pending warrants.

How long does it take for the defendant to be released once the bail bond is posted at the Phoenix Bail Bondsjail or the person is released on an O.R. ( Own Recognized)?

Generally, there is not much difference in timing between these two types of releases. The process, once again is up to the jail and depends on the amount of detainees being processed for release, in other words, whoever comes up first in the line. The bail agent has no authority over the jail to expedite any detainee’s release.

Does that person only get one phone call?

While in the process of booking, the person can make many calls, either to you by collect call, to the bail company (we accept all collect calls), and depending on jail restrictions, establish a 3-way call between you, the defendant and a bail office to negotiate bail-only. These calls may be short, but the necessary information can be made during this time, with appropriate introductions between all parties that may expedite one’s release.

Is a bail company the only option available to get someone out of jail? Are there any other choices?

Phoenix Bail BondsFor fast release, the jail recognizes two sources: 1) A licensed bail company can post a bail bond. (Always ask to see identification from a bail agent. Each licensed agent has his/her number listed with the Department of Insurance) 2) Full cash bail deposited with the court *In this case, the full cash bail will be refunded unless there are court fees and fines outstanding. Your permission is required for these deductions. A US Treasury Bond is also recognized by some courts, and this may be a third solution. In some cases, the court may agree to use property bond as collateral for the defendant’s release. An attorney or the court clerk would best advice you on this matter.


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